About Lisa


It all started...

In 2009 Lisa attended her first yoga class, unaware of the incredible journey the practice would lead her on. She was looking for something to help with arthritis, depression and anxiety - she has never looked back.  Yoga and meditation are powerful tools which restore balance & equanimity to our busy lives.  Lisa became certified in Hatha Yoga in 2012, under Alex Bovkis at The Shanti Studio in Hamilton. She also mentored with Melissa West, and Susi Hately in Hatha Yoga and Yoga therapy respectively.

Lisa is compassionate and sensitive towards her students, while encouraging them to listen to their inner self and stay connected to their body and breath. She teaches them to be mindful during their practice and recognize and honour their body and energy level in every moment.

Helping her students go to the edge in a safe space, Lisa’s style of teaching makes students comfortable and at ease. She teaches the gifts of setting intentions, loving kindness and acceptance, and acknowledges her students in a kind way.

Through yoga, Lisa’s intention is to build happy bodies & minds that live in a state of ease, grace & love. She is excited to share her passion of yoga and meditation and to give her students a space to be inspired to grow and improve their physical and mental well-being.

Lisa’s classes focus on:

  • Staying connected to breathe

  • Developing awareness of body and mind

  • Increasing Core strength and muscle tone

  • Improving posture and strength

  • Having a positive outlook in life

  • Learning to let-go, becoming centred and balanced

  • Practising asana (postures) and pranayama (breathing) and Meditation

  • Learning how to practise yoga on and off the mat