Experience at Retreat

I am on a meditation retreat in Spain, and would love to share my experience so far. I arrived on October 1st and today is day 19. Retreats are so important to me and my well-being. I feel like I found myself all over again. I have changed in so many ways. The last 18 days have been all about letting go. Letting go of the past and the future. Finding myself resting in the present moment here and now. Its like peeling away the layers of conditioned stories, no need to fix just let go. All that matters is right here and now. Its so simple. :) In this moment all that is there is freedom, clarity, peace, evolving and joy.

We have just passed the halfway point for this retreat, its 30 days long and I feel so alive.

The days are full and time goes fast. My physical body has changed also, with yoga twice a day and all vegetarian food, I feel cleansed, leaner, and stronger. My body is very happy.

I have cried a little and slept alot and meditated more than I ever have before, and found so much peace. I met so many beautiful people that will be friends forever. Meditation is 3 times a day and sometimes more. I find myself craving the silence and stillness. I feel rejuvenated! When I first arrived I released a lot from my nervous system and I still am releasing everyday. But peace just comes to me. Its all good, releasing frees my spirit to be just me. Its like a breathe of fresh air that washes away all that no longer serves me and I look forward to every single day. All that matters is now, now, now. How refreshing is that.

Peace to you all and read about my retreat next month. Its going to be Ohmazing!!

Retreats are a blessing for the body, mind and spirit, harmonizing and balancing life.

Shine on

Lisa Marie

Spring cleaning for the mind body and soul

Have you ever used affirmations to uplift you or change a negative thought, or raise your vibration? I have and they work as long as you follow a few simple things. 

First, you must believe to make them work.  

Second, connect to the feeling of already having it. 

For instance, if you have negative self-talk about your body, or say things like I can never lose weight or I hate my body. It's important to notice the thoughts you're having and change them. A thought like " I have a healthy body " or " Thank you for my healthy body"  can change everything. Wayne Dyer said " Change your thoughts, change your life" 

Sometimes we attach to our stories and beliefs and they aren't even real. We make stories up about things we think happened. When you look at the fact, the actual thing that happened.  The circumstance and then see the thoughts around that, sometimes the thoughts are all made up in our head. It is such a powerful thing to realize.   change our thoughts to create a life we love is an amazing experience. 

I wake up in the morning with a grateful heart and start the day with this affirmation. 

Thank you for this beautiful day! Thank you for the constant flow of all good things flowing to me always. I am a prosperous being and life is filled with joy and Love. Thank you for my healthy body. and beautiful life. I am eager for the future, I am clear and I choose to live in this high vibration of Love and Joy. 

Meditation for gratitude I have created for you


Feel the feeling and manifest a beautiful life

Namaste beautiful one

I am filled with the Energy of Enthusiasm

Happy New Year!

Welcome to my New Website. 

I am filled with the Energy of Enthusiasm this New Year.

I hope you spent some time reflecting on the past year and asked yourself some questions. What has been your hardest lesson that has served you to change things in your life for the better? Who has been your greatest teacher to help you grow over the past year? Can you name it and carry this forward as a gift to the New Year? What truth did you discover over the past year that will serve you and help you move forward with brighter, clearer intentions? 

Now think of an energising word or mantra that you can bring into your heart and days through 2017. 

My word is enthusiasm - I am entering 2017 with this mantra I am filled with the energy of enthusiasm. 

“Enthusiasm is just a state of mind…an emotion…which you control. By control, I mean you can create it. If you want to be enthusiastic right now, this very second, you can create it. To start, just think about the work or service you like to do best. Can you feel a change, maybe a smile on your face?” ~Thomas D. Willhite~

I love this quote because you can create how you feel. We create our own reality and life. 

Enthusiasm comes from the root words meaning “in theos” or with/in God. So someone with enthusiasm is said to be ‘with God’ or have ‘God within’.

If you are religious, spiritual, or if you believe in God, the Universe, Source, Creator, Nature, whatever – you may consider trying to be more connected to that ‘Source’. If you believe good things come from your creator, whoever or whatever it is, being connected is like being whole. Meditation and yoga helped me connect to this inner-being that's within all of us. 

My greatest teacher Wayne Dyer says having enthusiasm is like having God within you. 

This enthusiasm moves you in a direction that seems to be motivated by a force beyond your control.  As Dr. Wayne Dyer says, “It’s the inner excitement of being on the right path, doing what feels good to you, and what you know you were meant to do.”

Were you ever enthusiastic about something and you tried to ignore it but “it” just kept coming back? That’s probably because you feel or know in your inner-self, your heart and mind that it is the right thing for your life at that moment.

“A mediocre idea that generates enthusiasm will go further than a great idea that inspires no one.”- Mary Kay Ash, businesswoman

Enthusiasm is feeling and knowing that it doesn’t matter what other people say or think about you. It means that this is the right thing to do and you are connected to that amazing feeling of going forward with strength and courage. It means that the journey will bring joy and so much happiness to your life.

So take a moment to think of your word or mantra/phrase this year.  Take time in your life to feed your inner life, enrich your soul. 

May you all be blessed this year of 2017. 

Throughout my days, and every night, I will be saying, "I am filled with the energy of Enthusiasm,” I committed to 2017 being a year filled with the abundance of thousands of ways, I got to say "Thank you to my life."

And with my whole heart, I say "thank you" to you for connecting with me on this inspiration trail of life. ❤

Your dreams matter.

Allow your light to shine brighter than ever~