Kelly C.

“I’ve been taking Yoga with Lisa since January 2014 and I've noticed a big difference.  Not only in my life, in my heart and my soul, but also in my body.  Family and friends are telling me I look great and ask me if I’m exercising.  I tell them I’m taking Yoga with Lisa : )  And her classes are a ton of fun too! Today’s class was incredible, she focussed on heart openers. I quit smoking 14 years ago and this was the first time since being an athlete in high school that I felt a full, loving deep breathe into that area. It was truly a spiritually healing experience.

I feel blessed to have met Lisa.”

Susan S.

“I began taking outdoor yoga classes with Lisa in 2012 at Gage Park, at a friend’s suggestion.I was hesitant at first but Lisa’s warm and friendly teaching manner was very welcoming. As I became more experienced each week, I noticed a definite improvement in my core strength, flexibility and muscle tone, not to mention having the best restful sleep I have ever experienced after each yoga class! I have met new friends through classes and learned so much about the healing and spirituality of yoga through Lisa’s teachings and inspirational readings that she includes as part of each class. Her yoga theme classes are creative and fun,incorporating new healthy foods to sample or different aromatherapy scents that complement the theme of the evening. Lisa positively glows with her passion for yoga and I am happy to have chosen yoga as part of my wellness journey.”


“I started taking private yoga with Lisa for the individualized attention.  I felt she could help me meet my goals and I also wanted to make the investment in myself.  It was also important for me to make sure I was doing the poses correctly.

I feel by coming to yoga once a week continuously I have made myself a priority.  I feel less stressed, a calmer mind and more relaxed.  After my practice I feel amazing!

I also feel that I am getting stronger and more flexible.  It also motivates me to practice more at home.

You can let Lisa know what it is that you want to gain from your practice and she can customize a practice to your liking in line with your goals.  She can also physically adjust you when it’s one on one as opposed to a larger class.

I love the atmosphere of Lisa’s home studio!  She plays nice music, it’s not too bright, there are candles, incense, essential oils…it’s very relaxing.

I love the props we use when doing restorative yoga such as the bolsters, blankets, eye mask to help me sink into stillness. I also enjoy the readings she shares."

                 Elise Lewis

“I have known Lisa for about 25 years. After working together years ago we lost touch but reconnected on Facebook a few years back. I was thrilled to find out she had discovered yoga and was teaching it. I have worked out for many years, mostly weight lifting and cardio and noticed the older I got the more stiff my muscles were after a workout. Just stretching after a session wasn’t enough any more.

When she started teaching at For What’s It’s Worth on Locke Street I couldn’t wait to start taking her class. As a non-driver I need a place that is walking distance from my home. The studio is awesome. I am convinced the crystals that surround the room give off an energy that just makes your practice better. I am only able to go once a week but it helps me recover from a week of muscle building. It also helps me to clear my head and just relax for an hour and a half! I am more flexible and I recover quicker because I incorporate yoga in to my week.

Lisa is a fantastic teacher. Her passion for yoga is obvious, she knows of what she speaks! Her kind, gentle personality is perfectly suited for teaching. She make you feel at ease and to be present. I have taken many classes over the years at various locations I have to say that Lisa’s way of teaching surpasses them all.”


“I started taking yoga classes because I wanted to become more flexible- however I have gained so much more from Lisa’s classes. I have been attending yoga with Lisa for since 2013, she is kind, and patient teacher and always offers modifications to the various poses. Lisa is always upbeat and smiling and makes classes very enjoyable.

I am more flexible and centred. I have learned how to set an intention at the beginning of each class and use this time as “me Time.” My life is very busy caring for a family and elderly father with dementia. So my yoga with Lisa is very important to me, and look forward to them each week.  I strongly recommend Lisa’s classes, she is an amazing person and a phenomenal teacher.”